15 of the Best Cat Products of 2014

There are endless articles about the most wonderful beauty products, travel products and etc. every year, so why not have a list of the most wonderful cat products of the year? Cat owners consider their feline friends just as much a part of the family as their real family – sometimes more so than certain people. Many cat owners love their animals like people and want them to have only the best of the best when it comes to cat products. Read on to find out which cat products are the best ones on the market in 2014.

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Jackson Galaxy Collection

This is a simple line of products. They’re all toys and they’re all perfect for cats. They’re not the kind of cat toys that contain cat nip. They’re the kind that contain other more natural ingredients that make it easier for cats to have fun without the lasting effects of cat nip. However, some of these toys do have options that have cat nip in them. It’s not right for all cats, but some owners don’t mind their cats having a bit of the good stuff here and there. They’re also made of bright colors, which is great for cats.

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If you have allergies and all that other stuff that comes with having pets, you might want to consider getting the critterzone. It’s kind of like an air freshener, but it’s not – but it is. It’s something you can use to neutralize the air in your home in a way that’s a bit different than what you’re currently used to. The Critterzone is something that helps to eliminate allergens from the air so that you don’t have to deal. It also helps to eliminate odors and to get rid of dust and bacteria in the air.

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Cat nip is just a little bit messy. We all know that, even people without cats. However, there isn’t always time to clean up cat nip. Corknip is made by a company that wants to provide customers with a cat toy that contains something a bit more natural that doesn’t make it impossible to clean. The cat nip is actually infused inside the cork that this toy is made of, which means there’s no clean up necessary. Your cat can play and enjoy the same things that it gets out of cat nip without the mess and the stress.

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Ecolife Litter

Cat feces stinks – literally and figuratively. It’s disgusting and this is a great litter for people who don’t want to deal with the smell. It’s supposed to make the house smell much better by completely masking the smell of kitty litter and the feces in it. And it’s made of all natural products, so it’s organically green. Additionally, the pea fibers and grain fragments in the litter make it possible for the litter to realize neutralizing chemicals before odor even reaches it, including kitty urine.

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Astorial Cats

It’s a cool cat scratchers that’s not going to make a crazy mess in your house when your cat decides to sharpen his or her nails on it. This scratcher is made of three very different types of bamboo that make it easy for your cat to scratch comfortably without you having to clean up the leftovers after every use. The scratcher doubles as a lounger, which is perfect for cats since they’re so fond of lying around without a care in the world. It’s not an ugly scratcher like so many of the other ones, and it’s certainly a bonus that it comes in several different colors.

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Mod Dream Pod

Cats like to sleep and they like to hide. They like to hide from people they aren’t familiar with, from kids and sometimes just from you. These cat beds are actually pods that make it easy to hide. With a narrow opening perfect for the size of any cat, it’s easy for them to hide and sleep. They’re stylish have zippers on the top that can turn them into flat beds as well as pods. They aren’t so bad that they can’t be used in stylish living rooms, but they’re perfect for animals that need a place to hide.

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See and Extend Carrier

Cats sometimes have to be carried around, whether it’s to and from the vet, kitty play dates or even on a big move. They’re not big fans of being confined in small spaces, but that isn’t a big deal if you have this carrier. This carrier looks like all other cat carriers with its mesh sides, but that doesn’t mean it is like every other carrier. This cat carrier actually extends on either side, making it a sort of high-end kitty RV. Your cat will have extra space to roll around, play, and stretch out, which might make it a less traumatic experience.

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Loved Ones Pet Collection

She’s not just one of the most famous supermodels in the world, she’s also a famous designer. And her new line includes a line of cat toys and other kitty items. They’re beyond cool and she’s partnered with SmartyCats to produce the line. She’s a pet owner herself, and she’s well-versed on what cats need at home so that they can live fun and active, healthy lifestyles. She also gets what it is that parents of cats want at home, and she’s created an entire line of it.

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Purrk! Playfuls

Cat nip, as you know, can make your cats a bit crazy. This line of toys is just a little bit different. Instead of your standard line of birds and mice and other creatures that cats love to play with, this line has the same animals but a different filler. Instead of being filled with cat nip, they are filled with something called silver vine, which is a more natural cat nip alternative. It’s not something many people have heard of yet, but it’s becoming increasingly popular and used on a regular basis.

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Glide N Seek

This product is one that cats adore. It’s a product that is going to have your cat living in absolute excitement because it’s going to make them very happy. This is an interactive toy that allows your cat to chase it around the house. It’s perfect for the playful cat, and even the cat that doesn’t care so much for running around; it’s going to inspire this cat to run around. It comes complete with magnets that make feathers move around inside the toy so that your cat’s hunting instincts kick in. When kitty is tired, you can just flip the switch to turn it off.

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Groovy Gravy Booster

It’s a natural additive you can put in food or water to help you make your cat a bit healthier. It has only five calories, but it also has plenty of vitamins, minerals and other healthy stuff that makes it possible to get your cat healthy so that it lives a longer life. Cats have nine lives, but a cat that has this in its every day diet is going to have a few more than that. Additionally, it will also help make your kitty a little smoother, shinier and overall prettier. And who doesn’t love that?

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Cloud9 Treats

While it’s not a good idea to give cats treats on a regular basis, it’s always a good idea to give cats treats. They deserve a little good fortune for being good cats and just to show them you love and adore them. These treats are great because they’re made with natural ingredients; no fillers or by products. They’re also named sweetly. Additionally, they’re cheap. You can buy a box of these adorable little treats for less than $3 at your local pet store and since they come in cute boxes, you can even use them for second items.

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Breathe Free

What’s awesome about this product is the fact that it’s easy to use. It’s an odor-free pad that goes on the bottom of the litter box that helps to eliminate odor and eliminate odor. It helps improve air quality so that cats and people are not breathing the ammonia that is typically found in litter boxes. They’re filled with mother earth’s most amazing products and completely all nature. Also, they prevent the growth of different bacteria from accumulating in your litter box. It’s an all in all great product that has the ability to make the litter box a slightly friendlier place – if that’s even possible.

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Animals Instinct

If you have a cat that likes wet food, you’re going to want this. Cats are picky, a bit like most of us women, and they like their food the correct temperature. Try serving a cat something too hot or too cold and they’re going to turn up their noses and cause a scene. The Animals Instinct is going to warm your cat’s food to the perfect temperature, which is anywhere from 95 to 102 degrees. What’s awesome about this is the fact that this is a cat’s natural temperature. It helps to enhance the flavor and smell.

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Simple Solutions Litter

Want to stop changing your litter every day or every other day? Then you’re going to want to have this 30-day litter. It’s supposed to last 30 days and it’s supposed to be just fine lasting this long. The litter is filled with aloe and it’s able to absorb as much as 300 percent more urine and feces than your everyday cat litter. Additionally, it’s not supposed to smell no matter how long it’s in there up to the 30-day mark. After that, however, it’s a completely different story. It’s non-clumping and supposedly amazing.

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