Timo the Cat Has A Difficult Time With His Hammock


Cats have this way about them that makes them seem so much cooler and so much better than the rest of us. It might be their expression. They always look so superior and almost haughty in everything that they do. It’s because they are probably just like that in real life, if we could only understand the words they’re actually saying when they do speak. The thing is that cats make everything look so graceful and so simple compared to the way that humans make things look. Cats are just graceful creatures by nature, and we don’t often see anything that is a challenge, or a particularly difficult deal for them. Until we met Timo. Timo is a graceful cat in almost everything that he does.

However, the moment his parents brought him home a kitty hammock, he lost all sense of control of his own life. It’s probably difficult for this cat to deal with having an issue like this. All his friends would probably mock him if they were able to look at the internet. He cannot figure out how to get the hammock to work for him most of the time. He’s learning, but he makes more mistakes that he does not, and we have to laugh at that. Take a look at Timo to see just how hilarious he is when it comes to getting into and out of his hammock. With as much difficulty as it requires for him to get in, we know why he does not often get out.


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