Check Out This Adorable Video of Cats and Dogs Getting Along

cats and dogs

Let’s be honest here; today is Friday and you’re not doing anything productive at work. You’re checked out. Actually, you’ve probably been mentally checked out since about 10 am on Wednesday with half the population of working folk. It’s all right. We get it. Life is busy and all-consuming and you have so much to do at home that you cannot focus on all that you need to do at work. So here you are taking yet another breather to check out the internet and pretty much avoid doing anything at all productive throughout the day. We are not judging you. We are helping you. Since it’s Friday, you have to start the weekend on a good note.

That means you need to check out this adorable video. It’s cats and dogs that really love one another. They are cuddly and sweet, and they are generally just adorable. It’s hard not to be in a good mood now, right? The weekend is here, the cats and the dogs are adorable, and there is nothing in life that seems off-kilter at the moment. You’re welcome, by the way, for the adorableness that is cats and dogs that get along like they are the best of friends and have never had an issue before in their entire lives. See? We really can all just get along if we can just put our minds to it. If all the cats and dogs in this video can get along like this, we can do it, too.

Cats and dogs friends

Cats and dogs friends

Posted by Veterinaria on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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