37-Pound Cat Biscuit Finds a New Home

Biscuit, 37-pound cat

Biscuit, the infamous 37-pound “tubby tabby” got his happy ending on Wednesday when he was finally adopted from the City of St. Charles Animal Control by couple Ed and Lisa Pyatt of Eureka, MO. The oversize brown, black, and white tabby (who’s believed to be about 4 years old) become an Internet sensation after his owner, who moved into a building that didn’t allow cats, dropped him off at Animal Control in February and the shelter launched a search to find him a new home—no small feat with a morbidly obese cat.

Over the past few years Biscuit has been eating tons of treats while bouncing back and forth between a couple of different homes. Despite Biscuit’s size there hasn’t been any type of shortage of list of people wanting to adopt him. According to the St. Louis Dispatch there have been over 100 offers.

We’d like to congratulate the Pyatt’s for taking in Biscuit. Just make sure you’ve got a hefty budget for snacks! Good luck Biscuit!

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