5 Reasons Why Your Feline Makes a Cat Meow Sound


Since they can’t officially speak our language, cats have other ways of expressing themselves to us, others as well as to one another. While we may not always understand what they are trying to say, they really try to let us know what they are feeling and in turn, we try to figure it out. Much like the many languages we have as humans, cats also have quite a number of sounds they make. Apparently, cats are capable of making about 30 different sounds – that includes the 19 variations of their basic meow. Meows can make many different meow sounds to tip you off and indicate what they are feeling.

Here are 5 possible reasons why your feline is making a cat meow sound:

“I’m just saying hello!” Often, a cat will meow at and to its human as a form of a greeting. Notice that when you arrive home, the first thing your kitty will do once you walk through the door (or even sooner!) is meow. It’s a cat’s way of saying, “Hello! Welcome home!”

“I’m hungry and I want food.” This meow is one that all cat owners will get to know very, very well. Cats just know just how to let their humans that it’s feeding time. When they’re hungry and they know it’s breakfast or dinner time, they will definitely let you know it.

“Pay attention to me, please.” When cats want some attention and are bored, they will talk just to get you to notice them and possibly even talk back and play with them… and it works every time!

“I’m hurt.” You’ll want to note this one especially; if your cat begins to meow a lot and consistently, you’ll want to take it to the vet to get checked as soon as possible. It is a good indication that your feline is hurt and needs medical attention.

“Let me in.” If a cat is behind a closed door in a room, they will sometimes meow to try to get you to open it for them – or at the very least to open it and come in and be with them.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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