5 Tips for a Safe Easter for Your Cat

With the Easter holiday happening this Sunday, many people are celebrating with chocolate bunnies, plastic grass and a combination of real and plastic eggs. It’s a springtime celebration, but not everyone can partake in all of the Easter festivities. Keep your cat safe this holiday weekend by following these 5 safety tips:

1. Ban chocolate bunnies. Real bunnies, okay – chocolate bunnies, not okay! Chocolate is toxic and can even be fatal for animals. This is one tradition your feline should skip.

2. Keep Easter lilies out of reach. All parts of the (pretty but dangerous) lily plant can be extremely toxic to cats – even consuming the smallest amount can severely poison your kitty.

3. Be aware of what your cat can and cannot eat. It may be tempting to hand off your scraps as a “treat,” but don’t do it. Here is a cheat-sheet of 10 things they should never consume.

4. Keep them away from Easter grass. Real grass is fine for cats to graze on, but that fake grass often found in Easter baskets should stay far, far away from your feline. As a rule of thumb, just make sure your kitty steers clear of an Easter basket all together – that’ll be best for the both of you!

5. Store alcohol far away from felines. Alcohol affect cats even more than it does humans. Even the slightest amount of alcohol can be dangerous and even fatal. Spiked drinks need to stay as far away as possible, and even empty cups should be out reach, for even the tiniest drop of alcohol is very bad.

Photo by Mark Large – WPA Pool / Getty Images

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