More than 70 cats found living in ‘horrific,’ feces-strewn home

70 cats

More than 70 cats and kittens were found living in horrific conditions inside an Electric City home in Washington state.  The home where the poor felines were found was full of garbage, feces and urine.  The home was also full of flies and has a high level of ammonia that can cause breathing problems and eye irritation.  On Monday, Pasado’s Safe Haven sent eight of its staff members to rescue the animals.  The rescuers were obliged to wear a respirator and full hazmat gear for their safety inside the filthy house.  The rescued felines were brought to a local animal shelter where they received individual medical treatment.

“Six inches of feces and garbage on pretty much every surface.  It was truly horrific,” Pasado’s staff Laura Henderson said.

According to the vet who checked the cats, most of the animals seem to have health issues.  Many of the animals are suffering from some kind of infection.  Many of the felines have internal and external parasites (fleas and ticks).  Due to eye infections some of the animals may lose their eye/s.  Other health issues that the cats are facing include breathing problem.  In fact, one of the rescued cats is breathing through its sinuses holes.  About 5 of the cats are pregnant and during the rescue operation one mama cat was found taking care of multiple litters of kittens.

70 cats 2

“Almost all of them are in some stage of an upper respiratory infection,” said vet tech Erin Kelly. “They all have fleas — at least on the outside — ear mites,” said Erin Kelly, a shelter vet tech.

Pasado’s Safe Haven officials, the local authorities and other animal welfare groups joined forces together and successfully rescued the cats.  Although the cats’ owner is said to be working with the authorities, she is still expected to face charges.  The animals owner was described to “have gotten in over her head” by Laura Henderson.  We hope all of the cats and kittens will survive their plight so that they can have a second chance in life.  This story should serve as lesson to all that hoarding animals is never a good thing especially if you can’t take care of them.

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