700 Cats Rescued from Horrible Conditions in One Home

700 cats

We all know how bad hoarding can affect a person’s way of life.   Most hoarders like to hoard stuffs they like such as clothes and other things.  But have you heard of a hoarder hoarding animals?  Today I am going to share a story about 700 cats that are rescued from horrible conditions in a Florida home.  These felines are being hoarded by the person who owns the said property.  The video below is from the Humane Society of the United States when they rescued the cats from a home in Alachua County, Florida in 2011.

You will see some of the cats are being kept in cages while others running lose around the property.  Inside the home members of the rescue group discovered felines body waste scattered all over the floors.  Some of the felines that are kept in cages are sick.  One has eye infection.  The poor kitty can barely open his eyes. The house is also full of what looks like trash and stuffs that are clearly not used.  The place is definitely not a cat sanctuary.

The backyard of the house is also full of felines.  Although most of them are running lose there seems to be no food or water for them to eat and drink.  Litter boxes are nowhere to be found as well.  I reckon the owner just let the animals use the bathroom anywhere they can.

It’s sad that there are people in this world that are capable of treating animals this way.  According to Chris Schindler of The Human Society of United States said:  “These things don’t happen overnight.  It takes a long time to get to this point.”

These poor cats expected their owner to love and take care of them but it seems like all the owner wanted was to satisfy his or her hoarding vice.  I can’t imagine how these felines survive the horrible living condition they had.

Thanks to the people who dedicated their lives to rescue animals that are in dangerous situations.  All the cats were taken to the shelter and given the medical attention they needed.  At the shelter you can tell that the felines are very happy.  They know they are now safe and are being love and taken care of.

As for the cat hoarder, I hope he or she is ban from owning any pets for life.

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