A Cat Gives Birth During a Fire


It’s hard enough to give birth as it is in a safe and cozy hospital.  But it’s pretty hard to imagine giving birth in a house that’s on fire.   However that’s exactly what happened in Willoughby, Ohio.  Firefighters were called in to stop a fire and amidst all the chaos they spotted a cat giving birth to two kittens.

Initially the fire was relatively small and started in a microwave.  However smoke quickly filled the apartment.  The birth took place as the firefighters were escorting residents out of the building.   Amazingly no resident or animals were injured.   All the other apartment residents were allowed to go back into their apartments.

The cat owner said that the kittens will be put up for adoption.   In addition, PETA is recognizing the department with a Compassionate Fire Department Award, and is also offering to pay for spay/neuter surgeries for the cats who were rescued from the fire.

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