A Cat in Cleveland is Shot with A Pellet Gun, Will Survive

130121011959_bay village police

In a town called Bay Village, more specifically Sandalwood Drive, a cat was shot with a pellet gun.   Residents called the police to tell them of the incident.  The cat was shot twice within a nine hour span.   After the call was made the cat was taken to a local veterinarian who found the two pellets.   At this point in time there isn’t much more information on the subject.

Police are now searching for similar incidents in the area and are asking for any information.  We here at Kittentoob like to try and help out in any way we can involving incidents like this one.  So please, take this article, share it, get it on Facebook and let’s try and get to some of the residents in Bay Village, Ohio so we can solve this case.

While we know it’s a long shot, it’s always a possibility when you use the internet these days.  Miracles happen all the time and if we can find the people who did this we’ll be better off for it.   Get to sharing and please email us with any updates!

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