A Cat in Florida is Removed from a Sewer Line


You just never know where your cat is going to end up when you let them roam.  Most of the time they’ll show up at your home unscathed and safe from the day’s activities.  Such activities could be dangerous ones but then again we let our cats go outside for independence and freedom.

However, maybe in the Brandenton area of Tampa, FL owners should think twice about where their cats go. Over the weekend, members of the Bradenton Fire Department rescued a kitten from a sewer line. Firefighters arrived in the area responding to a call from people hearing a cat apparently stuck in the line. The sounds were originally heard coming from a storm drain on the north side of the avenue.

After removing a metal grate and checking the air quality with electronic gas detector, firefighters safely pulled the 6-8-week-old kitten off a 4-inch pipe and handed it over to a Manatee County Animal Control Service representative.  We’re not 100% sure if the cat is OK but given the picture above we don’t think it was harmed.

As of right now the owners haven’t been identified yet either.

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