A Cat is Rescued off a Boathouse Dock


A gray tiger cat was found swimming in Lake Champlain early Sunday morning, and the Burlington Community Boathouse is looking for its owner. A security guard heard the cat crying and clinging to the boathouse dock early that morning. The guard then went out himself in a Kayak to go rescue the cat.

A waterfront operations specialist at the boathouse, Amy Paradis, said they were afraid the cat might have fallen off if they hadn’t gone and made the rescue. Unfortunately the cat was not wearing a collar nor is the cat chipped. One of the boathouse staff brought the cat to a veterinarian on Sunday night.

“She was no worse for the wear,” Paradis said. “She was just a little bit scared. She’s a very friendly cat, so she calmed down.” Employees have named the cat “Mittens.” Amy Paradis has posted on Twitter and Facebook trying to find the owners. The cat remained at home with a boathouse staff member on Monday because the Humane Society of Chittenden County was closed.

“We just want to find her owner,” Paradis said. Paradis said that anyone who recognized the cat could call the boathouse at 802-865-3377.

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