A Cat Nurses a Week-Old Abandoned Puppy


A mama cat was one of the only willing animals to take in a pit bull to get nursed.  When pit bull Noland was only a  day old, he was taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League without his mother.  “Obviously a 1-day-old puppy, even in the best of circumstances, [the chance of survival] is pretty iffy,” Sharon Harvey, president and CEO of the CAPL, told Yahoo News by phone. “We want to give him every chance we could.”

The staff decided Noland’s best chances were to join a litter of nursing kittens.  However, would the cat accept a puppy even though she already had four kittens suckling?  Amazingly, mom-cat Lurlene welcomed Noland.  And if the image above doesn’t say it all we don’t know what does.   “They’re a happy family now,” said Harvey.

“Noland is going to be with us for quite a while,” Harvey told NewsNet5.  For the time being if anyone is interested in adopting, that’s going to be put on hold for a while.  Noland is doing well but right now is not the ideal time for him to be taken to a new home.   “We need to be really sure with him. We’ve got to focus on giving him the care he needs right now.”

“It’s really crazy what animals can do to give us hope,” she said. “Talk about acceptance.” The nutrition and nurturing Lurlene provides Noland are giving him a chance at life.

“We definitely want Noland to have the happy ending that he deserves,” Harvey said.

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