A Rare Ring-Tailed Cat was Spotted in San Antonio


A rare ring-tailed cat has been sighted in San Antonio, Texas. The cat was spotted when a man and his girlfriend were outside playing basketball. Ring-tailed cats are somewhat of a mystery. They’re rarely spotted because of how few there are in the world and some people don’t even think these cats are real. But for whatever reason, on July 1st this particular cat decided to hang out near some power lines at a basketball court.

The man that spotted the cat initially thought it was a monkey because if its tail. The ring-tailed cat does somewhat resemble a lemur. Sometimes they’re confused for possums or raccoons. The local zoo didn’t report any missing lemurs so this was in fact a ring-tailed cat.

What makes this story stranger is that the ring-tailed cat is nocturnal and it was spotted in the day. Despite being native to Texas most residents in the state will never see a ring-tailed cat. Some residents may have seen the “cats” from a distance but believed they were viewing a raccoon.

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