A Man Says that Finding His Cat was Like “Winning the Lottery”

Lottery Cat

Ten years ago David Allinson had the unthinkable happen to him.  His beloved cat Percy had gone missing and was nowhere to be found.  For many painful hours, David searched the streets and back alleys near his home in vain.  He even put up dozens of flyers in hopes that someone had seen his cat.  But unfortunately all this effort didn’t turn up a shred of evidence as to what happened to Percy.  He was heartbroken and after many months of searching he finally gave up. But David never forgot Percy and often he would wonder if his companion was still alive.

But one day out of the blue David got a call from someone he worked with.  One the end of the line his friend had wonderful news that Percy had actually been found alive and well.  After ten years of being missing David was finally going to get his beloved cat back.  But where had Percy been all of these years?  And how had he survived the bitter cold winters and hot summers?  The truth was actually hard to believe.

It seems Percy had wondered off that day but didn’t stop until he reached a distance of 15 miles.  This amazing feline had walked all that way to a neighboring village called Cockayne Hatley.  Once Percy arrived at the Village he made friends with one of the residence, an elderly woman. But sadly after many years of living with this kindly woman she passed away.  Percy was once again out on the street but not for long.  A neighbor named Ruth took in Percy and made sure he was properly taken care of.    For reasons not known Ruth had the cat scanned for a microchip and his true identity was known.  The information on the chip revealed that the real owner of Percy the cat was no other than David Allinson.

The day of the reunion went well and once Percy seen his former owner he ran into his arms.  This really made David tear up and his sense of joy was overwhelming.  But instead of taking the cat out of his current home David decided to let Percy stay.  He now regularly sees Percy once a month and both families get to enjoy this very intriguing feline.  So it seems happy ending do exist and with some smart thinking on Ruth’s behalf, David finally got to be reunited with Percy.

Image via Brain Giddings at Flickr.com

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