Abandoned Cat Adopted By Two Dogs is Happier than Ever

abandoned cat

Say all you want that cats and dogs are not friends, but you would be wrong. So many cats and dogs become good friends as time goes on, and it’s for good reason. These gorgeous animals are understanding of one another. They get it; they know what they are going through and they know that they have one another to go through it with. These are animals that are intelligent enough to know that they can be friends and get along, and we love that. When this cat was found, abandoned and in trouble on the side of the road earlier this year, her new family took her in.

The family already had two dogs they’d rescued from similar circumstances, and the dogs immediately took the dog in and began loving her as if she was their own. They never once considered the fact that she was a cat to be a problem. In fact, these dogs took her in and made her their best friend. Perhaps they simply recognize that there is a special relationship between them since they were all rescues given a second chance, we don’t know. However, we know that this video is one worth watching; it is a sweet story.

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