Abandoned Cat Sluggo Gets a New Haircut and New Loving Forever Home


Despite his dashing good looks, Sluggo the cat’s life has been less than purr-fect. Before he was taken into Canadian resident Alli, in 2012 he was brought to Animal Aide of St. Thomas-Elgin, a cat rescue group located in St. Thomas, Ontario. Brought by the neighbor of his former family, the cat’s family had him neutered and abandoned him after they moved away. They left him declawed and alone to fend for himself on the streets. It was the family’s neighbor who kept an eye on the feline and made sure he had food to eat. As the cold winter months came, she realized that the family wasn’t coming back for their cat, which is when she decided to take him to the kind folks at Animal Aide.

When he was first taken to the vet, his hair was so matted down and dirty that he couldn’t even walk properly, and they couldn’t tell his gender, if he was male or female! Sluggo had no other choice but to get shaved. He also looked so forlorn and cold that Tabby’s Treasure boutique donated a bed for the cat to stay warm in while awaiting a new loving family for his forever home.

Alli and her husband Jason saw the orphaned “naked” kitty and fell deeply in love with him. The couple adopted Sluggo as their own cat and he brings such joy and love to their family. The two can hardly stop talking about Animal Aide and its volunteers who rescue about 500 cats and dogs each year.

Image via The Animal Rescue Site


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