Abb the Cat Went Blind as a Kitten but has Found a Great Family


In August 13, 2013, the Austin Pets Alive, a Texas rescue group, rescued an orange tabby.  The little kitten was only five weeks old.  At that time, the kitten was also suffering from a bad infection that affected both his eyes.  The infection was very bad that it cost the poor cat one of his eye balls while his one and only left eye ball was also diagnosed by the vet to be blind.  But after finding a new family and home, the cat is now a happy and a playful animal.

The cat was named Abbby by her foster mom. The feline found his new home when his foster mom, who is a photographer, started to post his pics on her Instagram account.  His soon-to-be-family saw Abb’s pictures and fell in love with him.

On December 16, 2013, Abb was flown to Portland, Oregon to be with his new family.  The cat was very happy to meet his now permanent family who are very loving people.  Abb was also glad when he learned that he is not the only pet in the family.  His new family includes six cute kitties, which are also rescue like him, and two lovely pooches.

Nowadays, Abb is very busy playing with his buddies.  This active cat simply can’t resist playing with his cat siblings.  Abb is also very caring and affectionate towards his family.  He particularly likes to cuddle with his fellow kitty cats from time to time.  If you want to know more about this adorable feline, you can check him out on Facebook.

This is a wonderful story that will surely touch your heart.  I am so glad that this feline found a loving home and get to enjoy and play with his fellow kitties every single day.  I applaud Abb’s human parents for giving him a loving home and a chance to live life happily.  Despite of the fact that Abb only have one eye left, it didn’t stop them from loving him.  This shows how compassionate they are.

I hope this story will encourage many more people to look past the animal’s disability and imperfections, and give them a place in their heart and home instead.

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