Adorable Black and White Kitten is Rescued from a Busy Highway

black and white kitten

A lovely black and white kitten was stuck on a highway divider on State Highway 183 in Irving, Texas.    Luckily, someone noticed the cat and called the authorities for help.  Animal Services Officer Tina Shanahan received a call from a concerned citizen who thought that they had seen a cat trapped on the highway. Officer Shanahan then called her fellow officer, Laura Holmes, who responded to the scene right away.  For safety purposes, a police officer was also at the scene to help direct the traffic and keep everyone safe.  The police cruiser’s camera captured the whole rescue.

Officer Holmes didn’t spot the cat right away so she drove past the spot a few times before she was able to see the animal.  She actually got on the side of the road and with the help of binoculars she spotted the kitten on top of the retaining wall.  Highway 183 is one of the busiest road in the state and the busiest in the city of Irving, which made Officer Holmes concerned for the welfare of the animal.  In case the animal decided to jump either way on that busy highway, the ending could be tragic.  The officer didn’t want the kitten to get hurt and so she acted quickly.  She grabbed the cat by the “scruff of the neck” and held onto the cat as it is trying to get away from her.  “He turned his head towards me and I just scruff him and then he was trying to get away.  I had just a good hold of him that I put him straight in my cage,” Officer Holmes said.  The officer is very glad that she managed to rescue the cat safely.

The kitten was named Freeway after the place where he was found.  Thanks to all the people who helped in the rescue efforts of this cat.  The cat is sure getting lots of love and attention from the Animal Services staff which would help him overcome the ordeal he had.  It will also help him learn social skills.  Freeway is now available for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting this adorable cat, please contact Irving Animal Care Campus.  We wish Freeway will find his forever and loving home soon.

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