Adorable Cat and English Bulldog are Friends


Who says that cats and dogs can’t be friends?! While thought of as mortal enemies and depicted as such on TV and in movies, felines and canines can surprisingly be the best of friends, depending on the cat and dog, of course. In fact, some of the best friendships in animals are cats and dogs. After all, while they do have some obvious differences physically and characteristically, cats and dogs are also quite similar in many ways as well. Both can have some serious heart and kindness, especially to their humans, which makes sense as to why they would also get along quite well if their personalities allowed. There is a lot of footage online that can prove that adorable cat and dog friendships exist quite often, and many of them are the cutest sights to see!

In the video below, you can see a loving kitty cat licking and grooming its big bulldog friend who is sound asleep. Even when the dog wakes up and switches his head position, the cat continues to lick and groom him and he doesn’t even flinch or get mad. At one point when the dog wakes up to move around once more, the feline ends up climbing onto the canine’s back and appears to be giving it a massage. The cat continues to lick the dog as well as knead the dog’s neck area with its paws, giving it an extra special massage for the sleepy-eyed dog. Aside from the cuteness that is happening onscreen, the whole nearly-two-minute-long video also features a playful soundtrack of a chorus of children singing “Lalalalala” continually, with twinkly-sounding background music, perfectly encompassing the playful and light-hearted manner of the two animals. You can really tell the two are the best of friends and have no ill-will toward one another – how precious!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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