Adorable Cat Igloo Captures the Hearts of…..All of Us

Cat Igloo

In many parts of the United States, snowfall is running rampant.  In fact so much so that many areas have got a foot or more of accumulation.   So that means not only humans are having to deal with the cold and the shoveling but so do our kitties!   But don’t you wish you can do what this Tumblr user did?  Build a cat igloo!

Charmeleon (AKA the Tumbr user) decided to tough out the weather by getting into a snow suit and build her cat Tamiki, a special snow fort, or as many would agree, an igloo.  The awesome part is that the igloo itself looks like a cat.   The igloo comes equipped with teeth, whiskers, and two pointy cat ears.

Inside the igloothere’s a blanket for cats to cuddle up with.   Doesn’t Tamiki looks pretty comfy in there?  It’s amazing that the kitty really took to this igloo.  According to Charmeleon the work took “like an hour.”  Enjoy the snow Tamiki!


Image via Tumblr

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