Adorable Cat is a Nurse at a Polish Animal Shelter…..Seriously

Nurse cat 2

A cat in Bydgoszcz, Poland has been living in a local animal shelter for many years now.  But this beautiful black cat is doing more than just residing at the shelter.  The shelter, which is also an animal hospital, sees its fair share of sick animals.  But these sick animals are not just nursed back to health by the resident Vet. The cat, whose name is Rademenes, has the important job of nurse. This loving feline has taken it upon himself to see that each and every animal that comes into the shelter is properly cared for.  Rademenes can often be found spooning the sick animals.  His cuddles and love, seems to really have a positive effect on the other animals and this cat loves his job.

No matter what type of animal that comes into the shelter, Rademenes gives them lots of attention.  This feline has even been seen laying and comforting a very large dog.  It seems that this cat has lots of love to give and is not stopping anytime soon.  Playing nurse is what this cat loves to do and the Vet is very thankful to have this cat around.  It’s not every day that you get to witness such selfless acts of kindness.

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Rademenes was also once a very sick cat himself.  He was brought into the shelter with a very nasty infection and the Vet nursed him back to health.  The cat has never seemed to forget the love and care the Vet gave to him and is now trying to pay it forward, by doing the same for other animals. He has lived at the shelter ever since he was a small kitten and loves his home.  While he doesn’t live in a traditional home, this feline seems to be right at home giving lots of love and care to the animals in need. This is a beautiful story and it will warm your heart.  Rademenes has a heart of gold and seeing him in action is simply amazing.  We all could learn from this cat and he shows us just how far a little love can go.

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