Adorable Cat Wants To Know Why Dad Won’t Play With Him

man sleeping

In this cute video, you will see a very large orange tabby cat looking at his owner.  The man appears to be sound asleep, but the feline wants him to get up so that he can play with him.  The man’s wife is filming the event and she asked the cat if he wants the man to wake up.  The cute kitty then responds with a meow and it appears that the cat is saying yes.  This is really funny and it will have you laughing out loud!  As the video rolls forward, the man is still sleeping and the cat is still trying to get him to wake up.  The man is sleeping so well, that he does not hear the cat or his wife talking about him.

As the video rolls forward, the cat gets even louder and expresses his needs.  But this really polite kitty, doesn’t try to wake the man.  While some cats might use there paw to wake there owner up, this feline lets the man enjoy his nap.  It is really amazing to watch such a cute kitty, that so excited to play with his owner, even if the man never wakes up.  Maybe the man has been playing with the cat all day and is just too tired to keep going.  But the man might just be playing a joke on the cat and is only pretending to be asleep.  I guess we will never know the real reason.

At the end of this fun to watch video, you will see that the cat gives up on the man and turns towards his other owner for attention.  The kitty meows really loudly at her and looks right into the camera.  But the woman is also busy and tells the cat that she has to go and do her work.  Hopefully when she is finished, she will have time to play with her cute cat. Many felines are the same as this one.  They love to play and never seem to grow tired of it.  So if you want to laugh out loud as well, then you really need to check out the video located below.

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