Adorable Litter of 3 Week Old Foster Kittens Run on Their Little Legs When their Foster Mom Calls to Them


It’s physically impossible for humans to actually birth kittens, but that doesn’t stop baby kittens from thinking that a human is their actually mother. After all, human mothers can be just as caring – or even a little more caring and even more in being able to physically care for them – than their actual feline birth mother can. It’s pretty incredible how the little cats are attracted to the sound of the human lady’s voice and cannot differentiate it from their animal mother’s meows. Kittens can be just as eager and excited over hearing a human they think is their parent as much as they are over their actual birth parent – and there is major proof of that! In a viral cat video, a litter of foster kittens end up running to the sound of their foster mom’s voice when she calls them. It’s the most precious sight to see!

In the video below, a litter of 3-week-old felines come running over when they hear the sound of their foster mother’s voice. While they’ve only been alive for a mere three weeks, the kitties now recognize the lady’s voice as their mother and end up scampering over to crawl all over the lady and cuddle with her. The kittens, who along with their rescued mother cat, were abandoned just outside of a local Home Depot. It’s no wonder that they think of her as their real mama, as she’s probably the only one they can remember being their surrogate mother. It’s funny to see the separated kitties end up running on over to the woman as she calls out to them – their sweet little mews also don’t exactly hurt the situation, either. In the introduction to the adorable video, the foster mother writes: “The kittens are now 3 weeks old and recognize my voice. When I call they come running and can’t wait to crawl all over me and cuddle.”

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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