Adorable Tiny Kitten Learns to Drink from His Bottle


If you have a soft heart – or even a hard one – you shouldn’t watch this. It’s going to melt your heart every step of the way, for two reasons. The first reason is that a small kitten should be with his mother. When he’s hungry, he should be with the woman that is his mother. But when a kitten doesn’t have a mother, sometimes it requires the help of people to raise a kitten, feed it and teach it to become self-sufficient. Kittens are known for their need to drink when they are small, and when they haven’t a mother to nurse from, they have to take a bottle.

This tiny kitten can’t quite grasp the concept, and he struggles with the idea of latching onto his bottle. He struggles.  He meows and he seems very hungry and frustrated with his situation. But as the video progresses, you see that he is quickly seeing what needs to be done, and he is able to finally latch on for good. It’s almost a relief to see this small kitten finally get the hang of latching so that he can actually feed himself and feel good about it in the process. It’s too sweet not to watch.

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