The African Golden Cat is Captured on Camera for the First Time

Golden cat

In Kibale National Park, Uganda an African Golden Cat was captured on camera for the first time.  This rare wild cat was caught hunting monkeys.  The scientists that have been studying this rare cat are very happy to catch footage of the animal.

The short clip was about 21 seconds only but it catches the African Golden Cat jumping out from the bushes onto a group of Red Colobus monkeys.  Most of the monkeys run away but one got caught by the cat.  For a few seconds you will see the cat and the monkey fight.  The monkey got lucky and was released while the mysterious cat ran away.

According to the Daily Mail, the amazing clip was recorded with a camera trap set by Samuel Angedakin, Kibale Project Manager for the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology’s Pan African Programme: The Cultured Chimpanzee, in collaboration with the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project, Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology.

David Mills, a Kaplan scholar and graduate student, said: “It is an exciting and rare glimpse into the world of this fascinating cat.  We know a lot more about golden cats than we did a few years ago and yet we still know almost nothing about their behaviour.”

I hope that the footage of the African Golden Cat will help scientists learn more about this elusive feline’s behavior.  In the video you will see just how fast this cat can move and how far it can leap.  Just like its big cousin the tiger, African Golden cat is also a good hunter.  I bet they will act similar to tigers as well.

I wonder why the cat decided to ran off after the monkey got away from his hands.  I reckon he was scared the rest of the monkeys will come back and gang up against him.  For whatever reason the cat decided to run off, I am sure the monkeys will be seeing him again some other time.

Hopefully, in the near future they will be able to capture many more footage of this particular wild cat.  It will sure help scientists understand these creatures more.

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