Amazing Cat Named Paul Climbs a Mountain


While it’s a normal occurrence for humans to climb mountains, it’s not necessarily for cats. Sure, mountain lions (who are cousins of domestic cats) reside in the bluffs and therefore have to climb mountains. But imagine a domestic cat – say, your cat at home – trekking in the mountains and climbing it. Sure, cats climb just about everything from your bed to your dresser to even your TV, but when there’s an actual mountain to climb it’s not common at all. An amazing cat named Paul was up for the challenge and showed us humans! The adventurous cat is no stranger to outdoor activities, thanks to the influence and practice of his owners, and this week, the feline made headlines when he climbed Grey’s Peak, one of Colorado’s 14er mountains.

The two-year-old cat hailing from Aurora, Colorado initially had a rough start in his life, but has thankfully left his past behind him and is doing quite well now. Paul was rescued from his life on the streets as a kitten. Instead of fearing for his life, the accomplished kitty now goes camping, hiking, rides in boats and basically travels everywhere with his owners – he’s even gone to work with his Mom!

Paul’s Facebook page shares many of his stories and adventures. One of the introduction posts to his Gray’s Peak trip is captioned, Yes, I hike 14ers with my people. Other people think they are crazy but I love expanding my territory and seeing new places! Plus, they carry me in my backpack when I’m tired so I can see new places without breaking a sweat.”

Something tells me that this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing about Paul’s incredible feats!

Photo Source: Facebook 

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