Amazing Cat Resuscitation Inspires Donations to Fire Department


Thanks to a story on the news about the Columbia Fire Department’s cat resuscitation that saved the kitty’s life, two animal lovers have been inspired to work on providing every single fire department in South Carolina with the same equipment and technology to save even more cats’ lives. After watching the news and hearing the story, Mary Ellen Tobias was inspired and called her best friend Nina Sinclair to take action.

“I think it was the five o’clock news on WIS, I saw where the firemen had gone into Olympia,” Tobias said. “There was a house fire and after the fire, they got the fire out, they went in and found Soldier, I think was the kitten’s name, and he was unconscious. And they brought him out and they showed–y’all showed on television–them resuscitating the cat, which was quite something with the four big firemen in all that heavy equipment in 100-degree weather and here’s this precious little cat.”

When the feline woke up and drank water out of the fireman’s hand, that’s when Tobias said she fell to pieces. In a bout of inspiration, she immediately dialed up Sinclair to tell her all about her great idea. Together, they quickly were able to raise money thanks to friends and business to purchase a dozen  Wag’N O2 Fur Life kits for the Columbia Fire Department.

Currently, the ladies and their friends are working in raising donations of the kits for all 18 fire stations in their Fairfield County. Their ultimate goal is for every single fire station in the state of South Carolina to be equipped with the Wag’N O2 Fur Life kits.

Photo Source: Columbia Fire Department

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