Amazing Cat Tames A Dragon to Become Best Friends

cat and bearded dragon

Mr. Baby is a cat that lives with his family in Pennsylvania. He’s not a new cat in town. He’s been with this family for a while, and he feels confident in his place with them. In fact, he’s so confident that he has tamed the dragon that lives with them so that it’s become his best friend and his partner in in snuggling crime. Charles is a bearded dragon. Charles is also a female dragon, and we do wonder about the name, but it’s not of our business so we are not going to comment on it. Charles the bearded dragon is a type of large lizard. Cats love lizards. They love to chase them, attack them, kill them and eat them. They are a cat’s natural prey. For whatever reason, though, this cat decided that he would not eat the resident lizard; something we are positive his family appreciates more than you know.

This cat is the lizard’s best friend, in fact. They have a great time together and they love to snuggle. It would seem that the dragon does not love a thunderstorm. When the weather is too scary for him, he will climb as close as possible to the cat and snuggle him in an effort to feel safer or less scared. The cat is all right with it, and has welcomed the bearded dragon from day one. We are slightly mystified, slightly obsessed, and slightly in awe of this. It’s amazing that they are so close.   

cat and dragon

cat and lizard

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