Amazing Cat Walks 190 Miles to Return to Owners

Runaway cat

190 miles is a long way to walk even to people who loves to walk and hike especially if are going to do it alone.  But a cat managed to walk that far to be with her family again.  This is the story of Holly and her amazing long journey from Daytona Beach, FL to West Palm Beach, FL. Holly came to Daytona Beach, Florida with her petparents for a vacation.  The 4-year-old is scared of fireworks and during the fireworks show she took off out of fear.  The feline’s owners looked for her everywhere and posted fliers as well, unfortunately Holly was nowhere to be found.  With a heavy heart, they finally decided to go back home to West Palm Beach, Florida without their beloved kitty.

But that’s not where Holly’s story end!  Holly was spotted by a rescue group outside of a Daytona Beach restaurant.  Unfortunately, she ran away before her petparents got there.  For some time, the feline stayed missing, until she unexpectedly showed up a mile away from home in someone else’s backyard in Palm Beach Garden.  Holly had been microchipped which help identify her and her parents.  Soon after she was identified, the vet contacted her parents and they got reunited happily.

Holly’s long journey is indeed very amazing.  It really amazed me how she managed to walk that far and how she survived the busy roads and how she knew which direction she’s going.  It took her two months to walk back home and I am really glad that she made it sound and safe.  I reckon she’s very determined to be back home with her family again.  I bet she had some trouble living in the streets as a stray while on a long journey.

I am happy that Holly’s story ended well for her and her family.  Holly is sure one brave and determine cat.  This story also reminds us the importance of microchipping our feline friends.  The information that the microchip contains is very essential in time sensitive cases where our cats go missing.  Most of all, it speeds up the process of getting our pets back home with us.

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