Amazing Video of a Cat Befriending a Dolphin


We’ve all learned a long while ago that cats and dogs can get along with one another, sometimes even becoming playmates – practically everyone knows that. But cats and dolphins becoming friends? That’s a new one! Interestingly enough, while not very common, our furry feline friends and the beautiful sea creatures actually can indeed get along – and there’s even proof thanks to a video of a cat and its dolphin playmates. In an unlikely pairing, a cat named Arthur and a group of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins were videotaped playing.

While many cats are happy playing with just a ball of yarn, this feline keeps entertained interacting with its dolphin buddies!¬†At the Theater of the Sea, a 17-acre marine animal park located in Islamorada, Florida, Arthur makes friends with some dolphins named Shiloh and Thunder. The video quality makes it look like it’s a home video at first glance, but all animals in the video are actually trained. The trainers can be heard in the video and in some of the scenes, you can even see the female trainer right beside the kitty. Nonetheless, the animals playing together is still such a heartwarming sight, not to mention extremely adorable!

In the video below, you can see Arthur reaching out and pawing Thunder and then, adorably, the two are caught nuzzling each other. They – as well as Shiloh and another unnamed dolphin – end up going about that for a while, with the dolphins bumping against the cat in a playful manner while Arthur paws at them playfully.

Photo Source: YouTube 

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