Amy the Cat Returns Home from 70 Mile Trek


After traveling a trek of over 70 miles from Colchester to the UK capital, Amy the cat has reunited with her owners at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The 18-year-old feline mysteriously arrived in London on March 19 after leaving from her Colchester home earlier on in the day. The cat’s owners Jacqueline and Colin Bramble were stunned to  have received a call from the London rescue center after the black and white feline’s microchip assisted in providing Battersea with the cat’s whereabouts.

Jacqueline said: “We were totally shocked when we received the phone call from Battersea and cannot understand how she managed to get from our home to London in one day. We went looking around the area for her but had no luck, we never imagined when Battersea called that she would be there!”

“There have been a lot of deliveries recently and she must have jumped into a van and got a ride into London. Thankfully, she had a chip and we are so grateful to everyone at Battersea and the people who brought her there for helping us bring her home safely. She is a very inquisitive girl, and we are so relieved to have her home after her big adventure!”

Battersea takes in around 3,000 cats every year across its three centers around Southern California. Seventy five percent of the cats do not have microchips, and therefore cannot be traced back to their owners.

Image via Battersea Dogs and Cats Home


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