Angus the Cat Finally Returns Home After Going Missing 8 Years Ago


Losing a cat is never easy, especially when they go missing. After a few weeks and maybe a couple of months, people tend to give up on the search and the hopes of finding their beloved felines. Mary and David Dalton know the feeling all too well – so imagine their surprise when their cat Angus returned home after over eight years! The feline was picked up and brought to City of Brampton Animal Services shelter as a stray, but after his microchip was scanned, he was able to be returned to his family.

When he suddenly disappeared from his home in October 2005, the Daltons put up posters and searched for Angus every day. On a weekly basis long after his disappearance, Mary continued to check public postings at the Toronto Humane Society’s website and saved her Angus’ missing cat poster. Over eight years passed until they unexpectedly received the phone call they’d been hoping for all that time earlier this month. The staff at Brampton Animal Services were ecstatic at being able to send the long-lost kitty home to his rightful family.

Not much is known about Angus’ whereabouts and his travels over the last eight years, although it is believed that he was probably living with someone prior to becoming a stray. The Dalton family says that he’s the same Angus the cat that they remember from years before, except for his skittishness, which should hopefully go away over time.

That just goes to show you how important – and extremely helpful – microchipping your cat/pet is!


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