Animal Control Officials Rescue Scared Cat in San Diego Fire Zone

Last week, a number of fires broke out in San Diego county, surprisingly causing a united front for residents and city officials alike. On Friday May 16, animal control officers extended that unity and showed great kindness by helping rescue a scared cat that was stuck in a tree in the San Marcos neighborhood of San Diego.

The two officers, Jennifer Jordan and Victor Posada, spotted the curious kitty high up in a tree amidst the aggressive fire’s destruction. The duo stopped to make sure the cat was safe, and the rescue was captured by NBC 7 cameras. The rescuers didn’t have it easy, though: the cat didn’t immediately take to them and it took awhile for it to end up in their arms. It was only after much coaxing that the feline allowed them to rescue it and it was then brought down to the ground, safely.

Daniel E. DeSousa, the Deputy Director with the Department of Animal Services, said that animal control officers have been assisting in the fire zone since the Bernardo Fire and have rescued many nervous animals.

All last week, the people of San Diego – including city officials, leaders and residents – have come together in the midst of the numerous fires that consumed the county, including the Cocos Fire Zone. This is the perfect example of the many acts of kindness that is going on in San Diego due to the fires, which has total strangers uniting in their time of need.

Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images

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