Animal Shelter in North Carolina Offering Cats for $1


It’s a sad, sad reality that there are so many neglected and abandoned cats out there with no home and no family out there for them. Many of these unfortunate felines end up starving to death or getting killed on the mean streets, undoubtedly living a sad and hard life. Thankfully, there are places for them to seek refuge, if only for a little while, in the caring and accommodating animal shelters. Most shelters are able to breathe new life into these cats, giving them medical attention and even opening it up for someone to rescue and adopt these felines. While not every cat is given a good fight and opportunity to be taken home with a loving family who wants it, some animal shelters will go the extra mile. Guilford County Animal Shelter in Greensboro, North Caroline is one such shelter: since they have hundreds of cats that need to find forever homes, the shelter is offering cats for just $1.

Yes, you read that right… one buck for a feline you can call your own – and even better, just one measly dollar to help save the life of a cat in need. The shelter has a growing overabundance of cats: 80 cats have been brought in in a single day, bringing their total to a whopping 600 felines! It’s a tough situation, but the shelter’s executive director Marsha Williams is hopeful that the special $1 rate will alleviate that. The special offer is this: any feline that has been at the shelter for over a year’s time is only going to cost someone a dollar. What an awesome deal!

“We say one year, one dollar,” Williams explained. “Hopefully people will pay attention to them. See them. A lot of them are our black cats. We have a lot of black cats so they may get overlooked.”

The special offer is quite the steal, as it is a huge discount; the normal price to adopt a cat at the shelter is $80. The $1 for the year-long residents includes spaying and neutering, as well as updated immunizations. The special will continue to run until all of the cats who qualify are all adopted.

(Photo Source: MyFox8)

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