Annoyed Cat Decides to Push Dog into the Pool

Dog in pool

Cats and dogs sometimes disagree and other times they are downright mean to one another.  As the cat is trying to take a relaxing nap by the pool, two little dogs seem to want to get in the way.  During the video the dogs slowly approach the cat, with something devious in mind. The dogs quietly sneak up to the sleeping cat and one of the pooches decides to try and get really close to the feline.  But what happens next is simply hilarious.  The second the cat realizes that the dog has gotten just a little bit too close, it springs into action.

As the sleeping cat jumps up, he grabs the dog and forces the pooch to the edge of the pool.  Before the dog can break free from the cats grip, he is pushed into the water.  This little canine looked shocked and does he best to swim away from the cat.  While the dog disappears from the video, he surely found his way out of the pool.  He is soaking wet from the dip in the pool and his owner probably had to dry him off with a towel.  This pooch really did learn his lesson.

The other dog is also in shock and stairs at the cat, but once the cat comes close the dog runs away.  These once confidant dogs are now running away from this very powerful feline.  This was a super funny video and you too will be laughing out loud when you see it.

These two dogs thought they could get away with messing with this cat while it was taking a nap.  But the feline wasn’t in the mood to play.  While the cat was outnumbered by the dogs, her courage to take on both of the dogs proved more powerful than numbers. As both the dogs now know, it’s not a wise move to mess with a cat while it is trying to take a nap.  Maybe the two dogs just wanted to play, but not matter what they were up to, the cat put a stop to it.

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