Arrow, The Blind Tabby, Has Found a Forever Home


You might recall a story about a cat named Arrow who was riddled with BB gun shots. The horrific incident took place back in January. Amazingly, Arrow, survived and a story covered his recovery back in January. The blind cat who was discovered to be filled with about 60 BB pellets when he was brought to the shelter in January as a stray has healed from surgery to remove an eye and thankfully has found his forever home.

Staff at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington shelter in Arlington, VA were shocked to discover that the basically healthy cat revealed X-rays that showed the pellets in his head and torso. This is what the Animal Welfare League of Arlington wrote at their website’s CAT Capital Campaign page: “On January 18 an area resident found Arrow near Ballston Mall and brought him to AWLA where our shelter veterinarian immediately found cause for concern. Arrow was blind, with his right eye shrunken and a dilated pupil and lens opacity in his left eye. The result of his x-rays were even more shocking. Arrow had at least 20 BB pellets in his head alone with more than 60 lodged throughout his body. Through AWLA’s “Care and Transform” program, diagnostic work and medical care continued. Arrow was neutered, his painful, badly damaged right eye was removed, and a dental cleaning with extractions was performed.”

Ultimately it was decided that the pellets would be left inside Arrow as they did not hit any vital organs. This past Friday, shelter staff said goodby to Arrow and the brave tabby went home with his new owner, Anne Hancock. “I feel like I won the lottery! He’s a very special fellow,” Ms. Hancock said. “I had just lost a cat a few months back to cancer and my other two cats at home missed him,” the long-time cat lover told the news crews.

Shelter staff were sorry to see Arrow go after bonding with him for several weeks, but clearly they (and we) are incredibly happy to see that Arrow had landed a forever home with such a gracious owner.

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