Athena the Cat Rescued After Being Stuck on Utility Pole For Three Days

Image via KRWG.ORG

Image via KRWG.ORG

After being stuck on a 60-foot utility pole for three days, a lucky cat in Texas was able to go home after being rescued by  several Doña Ana County Animal Control Officers, one veterinarian and two El Paso Electric linemen.  But before then, the tabby-mix cat named Athena had to endure a variety of extreme weather condition – including a rainstorm, gusty winds and direct sunlight – before she was saved.

Thanks to a plight that circulated on Facebook Monday as well as Mary Lou Ward, the supervisor of the Doña Ana County Animal Control and Codes Department, the feline was able to be brought down to safety. She belongs to the Eason family, including 53-year-old David Eason and his 16-year-old daughter. According to animal control officers,  Athena’s family called for help last Friday after seeing the family cat perched atop the utility pole.

“We figured she was chased up there by coyotes,” said Eason.

The animal control team tried calling for help in El Paso Friday, but told that their personnel was not fully equipped to deal with animal rescue. Animal control finally responded for duty on Monday. Power to the utility line was cut shortly after 2pm Monday. After being secured, Athena was then dropped down from the ground. Dr. Patricia Norris, a full time vet for the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office, was waiting with IV fluids.

After being rescued, she was reportedly in good health, despite from being dehydrated. Now Athena is back into her family’s loving arms. Eason’s daughter was mortified and saddened by the cat’s disappearance.

“She pretty much came to terms with the fact that her cat was going to die up on that pole,” Eason said.

Lucky for her, that isn’t the case, and feline and owner are reunited!


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