Australia’s First Cat Cafe Opens in Melbourne


Ever since we heard about the rise of the cat cafes in Japan, we couldn’t help but be a tad bit jealous. After all, what cat lover wouldn’t want to hang out with adorable felines while sipping on some cafe or cappuccino? Since then, pop up shops have opened in the U.S. in New York and cat cafes are hoping to open in San Francisco soon. Now Australia wants in and it got its wish: the first cat cafe in Australia has made its way in Melbourne!

As of July 30, Australia’s first cat cafe opened in Melbourne and while it claims to be a cafe, it is more of a cat playground than anything. While they serve minimal drinks, the focus is 100% on the cats. However, that doesn’t deter people going to this amazing place, which is already overbooked with reservations. The Melbourne cat cafe owners, Anita and Myles Loughran, have previously visited the Asian cafes and were so enamored by them, they decided to bring the concept to their native Australia.

“It was amazing, it’s like nothing we have in Australia,” Loughran says. “In Japan cafes [the cats are] purebreds and are quite unfriendly, they’re not chosen for their personality.”

Aside from being fun and adorable, playing with kittens all the time at these cafes, Loughran is doing a whole lot of good: their cats are adopted from local shelters,  The Lost Dogs’ Home and Geelong Animal Welfare Society. Also, sessions must be booked online, at $10 an hour and it is a maximum of 15 in your party.

Photo Source: Scott Barbour

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