Authorities Rescue Over a Dozen Cats From a Camper


We all joke about living in a dump or a pigsty, but for a group of cats, that description was the epitome of their living conditions. At a contaminated, abandoned camper located in Maryland, over a dozen cats were rescued by animal welfare authorities Monday. Initially, 11 cats were removed from the camper – they were living there for two years. Another two more were rescued from the property by use of traps. All of the felines were brought to an animal shelter in Westfield.

“Nothing should be living in there,” Lisa Brodeur-McGan, the Board of Health Chairwoman, said.

The camper was virtually not being living in, and, with the feces-infested and extremely hot conditions, who would want to?! However, the camper’s former tenant, 67-year-old Russell C. Neuhauser returned on a routine basis to feed and give water to the cats. Neuhauser had been living in the camper until getting condemned in 2012 because of its unsanitary conditions, lack of running water, and working sewage and toilet.

Documents filed by Brodeur-McGan in the Western Housing Court stated that the felines had to be removed from the property due to the “unsanitary and life-threatening environment” they were in. According to his neighbors, former tenant Neuhauser doesn’t live in the Southampton area anymore, but it is unknown where the elderly man is now residing. The reason the matter even came up to the town’s attention was because police were on the property on July 1 to help repossess a tractor the man owned. As for the cats, they are now in good hands.

“They seem OK. They’re a little shell-shocked,” said Denise Sinico, who runs the Westfield shelter. “They’ll feel 100 percent better when they’re all shaved and cleaned up … They were covered in feces.”

She says that they cats are being cared for at the shelter and will be available for adoption when they are fully recovered.

Photo Source: Rebecca Everett/Gazette Net 

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