Awesome Video of Cats Hugging Little Chicks

Cat and chicks

When it comes to felines and small animals, the two usually don’t mix well.  We all know that some cats love to chase birds whenever they get the chance.  In fact, feral cats around the world have been known to make a significant impact on the bird population.  But you can’t tell that to the cat in this next video.

It seems the kind hearted kitty in the video below didn’t get the memo that cats are supposed to eat birds.  Instead this cat has embraced the idea of being friends with fowls.  In the video below, you will find one cute kitty that seems to really love the two chicks that it’s holding.  Watching this will sure put a smile on your face.

During the video, this cat really has a lot of patience for these two very tiny chickens.  Even when one of them accidently pecked the feline’s face, the cat doesn’t seem to react at all.  The chicks seem to really love being hugged by the cat and you can tell that the three really get along well.

I wonder when these two chicks grow up, will the cat still be one of their best friends or do you think they will grow apart?  I am sure that as long as these three get to live together they will always be the best of friends.  I can just imagine seeing these three running around the backyard playing.  I wonder if they live on a farm or maybe they just have a big yard.

These two little chickens are really young and are probably only a few days old.  I can imagine that the cat was there when they hatched out of the shell.  This feline was probably the first animal they saw them when they were born and they think that the cat is their mother.

This is really a sweet video to watch and if you love animals you will really want to check it out for yourself.  It will give you a warm feeling all over and it definitely will put a huge smile on your face.

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