Baby Cat Wasabi Chan is Sweeping the Internet


It seems that each week a new cat comes out of the woodwork to sweep the internet by storm.  But how could you not love an adorable kitten with amazingly cute eyes, a pouty face, and knitted sweaters worn each day?  At least that’s what kitty Wasabi Chan looks like.  The photo we have above comes from Wasabi’s Instagram account and has already gotten over 300,000 views.

While the sweaters and cat are adorable the circumstances in which Wasabi has to wear these sweaters is unfortunate.  Wasabi was attacked by a crow and suffered a fractured jaw which split her tongue.   That forced her to use a catheter while eating.   Since Wasabi-Chan kept wiggling the tube out of her mouth these knitted sweaters help keep her in place.

And now’s she’s an internet sensation!

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