Bacon the Cat Rescued From Car Engine to Loving Forever Home


As a kid, Marissa Manalo was not a big fan of cats after a random feline lashed out and badly scratched her hand when she was eight years old. Fast-forward to 20 years later, her tune ended up changing… for the better! One night she was on her way to dinner with a girlfriend and had been driving for a few minutes, when they slowed to a stoplight and heard a faint “meow.” The windows were rolled up but they scanned all around the street for the source of the sound – Marissa thought they might have run over a cat or that one might be stuck in the engine. After hearing more meows, they pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. They got out of the car and immediately opened the hood thinking that if a cat was in there, it was probably burning up. Using their phones and a dull flashlight, the two looked everywhere, but there was no sign of a cat. Still, they kept hearing the tiniest meows coming from around the bumper. There was definitely a cat in there somewhere.  Since it didn’t seem like it was in immediate danger and they were starving, we decided to go in and eat, but sat by the window and kept an eye on the car.

After eating, Marissa went back out to the car to look again. She called out to get the cat to make a noise that she could follow. Looking under the car, she saw a silhouette of a tiny fur ball: it was the cutest little kitten! It was also a very fast little guy, but with the help of a restaurant employee, they were able to catch him. The adorable furball couldn’t have been more than a couple months old. Despite discovering she was allergic to cats, Marissa wanted to keep it. On the drive home, she figured the kitty might be hungry so she fed it a little bit of her leftover bacon. Upon thinking of a name for the cat, it seemed to enjoy the bacon Marissa gave him and she decided that was the perfect name: Bacon.

They took the cat home and over the next couple of days, bought cat essentials and even gave him a bath. At some point, Marissa considered taking him to a shelter but didn’t want to risk him being put down if no one adopted him, so she decided to keep him. Plus, she’s said, after a few days with him,”I couldn’t bear giving him up.” Bacon the cat has been in her loving home ever since.

Image via Marissa Manalo


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