Be sure to Check out the 77th Annual Cat Expo This Weekend


The Garden State Cat Club is gearing up for the 77th consecutive year this Saturday to put on their annual cat expo slash show.  It will be held July 20-21 in the Garden State Exhibit center in Somerset.  Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm.   For those that love cats or are simply curious to see what goes on at an event like this it’s a highly recommended event.

There are expected be over 3000 attendees this year from the New Jersey/New York area.   Also, this year’s theme is the Empire State to honor the Empire State Cat Club’s 100th anniversary.   While the show is entertaining featuring cats of all kinds doing tricks, being on display and frankly being simply adorable, the event is New Jersey’s largest fundraiser for shelters and disaster relief.

“We invite you to spend a few hours to get out of the summer heat for a good cause,” said Brenda Flahault, past president of the Garden State Cat Club. “The show has so much variety that animal lovers could spend all day here. There’s truly something for everybody.”

For more on the show you can check out My Central New Jersey.  See you there!

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