A Bengal Cat and Pit Bull Love Going on Walks Together


When Olivia the Pit Bull goes for a walk, she takes along with her an unusual partner by the name of Enzo.  Enzo is a Bengal cat that really loves to hang out with his buddy Olivia and since the two have moved in with one another, they have really hit it off.  This odd couple turns heads when they go out together and people can not believe that they get along so well.  It all started when Enzo moved in with Olivia after there pet parents decided to join the two.  Enzo has been been around other dogs in his past, but never one as large as the Pit Bull.  The pet parents were worried that the two might not get along, because Olivia had never lived with a feline before.  But after watching the two together, they knew right away that everything was going to be ok.

During the video you will you hear one of the pet parents asking the dog and cat if they want to go for a walk.  After Enzo clearly says yes with a large meow, the group are on there way out of the door.  Enzo can hardly wait for his dad to get the leash and is waiting for the man by the door.  After everyone has been properly leashed, they set out for an adventure.  Enzo and Olivia walk side by side down the street and make there way around the parked cars.  They pull there dad around and the cat seems to really love leading the group.

Enzo loves being out in front and he can hardly wait for Olivia to stop for a bathroom break.  This is funny to watch and his owner is telling him to wait for the rest of the group.  They walk around the apartment complex in which they live and they seem to be having a great time being outside.  Olivia as you will see, is a very calm dog who just wants to be around both the cat and her dad.  If you would like to see this amazing video, you can find it at the bottom of this article.


Image via YouTube.com

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