The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners

American Shorthair

Most domestic cats in the United States are American Shorthair, so they are not difficult to find to adopt. The cats are the most common and come with a variety of markings and colorings. Its eyes come in a variety of colors. The origins of the American Shorthair cat are European. Settlers in North America brought the breed in cargo ships to protect the cargo from rats and mice. The cats flourished in the early American colonies and served as working cats keeping rodents away from crops. During the twentieth century, the American Shorthair’s breeding became selective to insure the strongest qualities in the breed were kept.

The American Shorthair is broad and strong. The cat typically has good general health and its life expectancy is more than fifteen years so the breed makes a good family pet. Its short hair is easy to care for and groom. The cats have playful and laid back personalities which owners appreciate.

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