The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners


The domestic Bengal cat makes a wonderful pet for a first time cat owner. The cats are gentle, loyal and easy to care for. The Bengal is believed to stem from crossbreeding domestic and wild cats in southeast Asia during the early twentieth century. The result is an exotic looking cat with tiger-like markings that developed a mild temperament after a few generations of breeding. One of the biggest draws to the Bengal cat as a house pet is that the breed is hypoallergenic. There is little risk of allergies due to the special coat that covers the Bengal’s body. The cats are also wonderful self groomers, so there is not much work involved in grooming them.

The Bengal cat makes a good companion. The cats are gentle yet playful, intelligent and loyal. The Bengal cat breed has a unique love of water. The cats enjoy swimming, bathing and playing with their water bowl. The Bengal cat is a fun loving and sociable animal. Owners are proud of their pet’s beauty and personality.


The Abyssinian cat breed originated in Great Britain during the nineteenth century and is believed to originated in Ethiopia. Kittens may have been brought back to England by British soldiers. The Abyssinian has a unique and royal appearance. Its body is slender yet strong. Its eyes are piercing, and its ears stand alert. The Abyssinian has a tabby like short hair coat that is easy to care for.

Intelligent and extraverted, Abyssinians are popular cats and make excellent pets. The cats are naturally loyal to their owners. They can be shy yet curious. Trained early on, the Abyssinian will learn to socialize with other people and pets. The cats have plenty of energy and love to play and entertain. The Abyssinian has relatively good health and is easy to groom. The cats will become a long time companion and make enjoyable house pets.

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