Big Mystery Cat is on the Loose in Detroit

It’s been weeks now and there’s still no resolve to a big cat missing in the city of Detroit. The Michigan Humane Society is now investigating grainy cell phone photos and eyewitness complaints about a huge cat supposedly stalking the streets of a northeast Detroit neighborhood. While it’s true the cat has been eating things and scaring up folks a bit there have also been some pretty questionable comments.

One resident claimed that the cat’s tail was longer than his arm. That man was 6 foot 5. The MHS says that they are taking the investigation but because the city of Detroit is bankrupt neither city officials or police have responded to complaints.

Experts are saying that the cat is more than likely a Savannah, a cat we’ve mentioned often on this site. A Savannah cat is a mix between a wild cat and a domestic cat. They can weigh up to 20 lbs or more. Hopefully there will be some clarity to the mystery shortly.

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