Birds Driving Cats Crazy Is Just The Kind of Video You Need Right Now

cats and birds

When I was growing up, Saturday morning cartoons made it very clear to anyone who watched that cats were not friendly with birds. Birds were scared of cats and they really did go out of their way to ensure that they did not come to close to cats for fear of their lives. It is just the way that the world worked back then. The fact that cats are suddenly friendly with birds is a very strange concept to us, and we will never understand it. Of course we understand that cats and birds are not always friends and that some of them are friends. We showed you recently a video of a cat and a bird that were good friends. Now we are showing you something we understand a bit better; cats tired of birds in every possible manner.

These are birds that are driving cats crazy. We might imagine that they are actually friends in real life, though, since none of the cats eat any of the birds. They seem to be very annoyed with the birds, but they don’t act on their annoyance. It’s fine, and that’s just dandy. However, we still think that cats and birds are natural enemies and that these birds are playing with fire doing what they are doing. Take a look for yourself to see what it is you are looking at, and we promise you are going to enjoy this video. It’s not Saturday morning cartoons, but it’s the next best thing.


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