The Black Kitten That Gives you 10 Reasons to Adopt Him

Black cat

Black cats are just like any other normal cats. They are playful and loving. Unfortunately, many people believe in superstitions that a black cat is a bad luck, while some people just don’t like the color black. As a result, these animals are always the last one to be adopted and the first ones to be put down.  It’s a sad reality that black felines are faced with. Today I am going to share a video of a black kitten and his ten reasons on why you should adopt him.

The video starts with reason number

1: Natural born ninjas. The little black cat tried to do some ninja stunts to show the ninja in him.

Reason 2: Invisibility skills. The kitten was put on the floor by his owner and hides under the bed with black sheets and went invisible.

Reason 3: Always in fashion.  The cat walked nicely towards the camera which was really cute to watch.

Reason 4: Very cute! The kitten was playing with his owner and making that cute noise.

Reason 5: Awesome Shadow Boxers! You will see the kitten trying to catch his own shadow.

Reason 6: Save money on Halloween—no costume required! The cat seems to be scared with the Jack-o lantern.

Reason 7: They clean up nicely—no spots or streaks! You will see the messy face of the kitty. Then on the next scene he is all cleaned up and playing.

Reason 8: It’s like owning a mini black panther! I think it’s funny and cute a low meow of the kitty is being compared to a panther’s growl.

Reason 9: They’re adorable! I totally agree with this because the feline is indeed cute just playing and around.

Reason 10: They’re the least likely to be adopted so they will love you forever.  This reason is very touching because all cats deserved to be love and cared for.

The cute kitten on the video is Cole; he is one of the lucky black cats that were rescued by a goodhearted family.  The video is funny but there’s some truth to it. I hope that all the reasons that Cole gave us will help raise awareness that black cats are just like any other cats, they are not bad luck. Instead they will give you joy and love. So the next time you think of adopting a cat, make sure to pick up the black feline you see in the shelter.

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